The Interview Suit


The Interview Suit - everyone needs one at some point. Just what is the interview suit? We often hear questions from customers, "Can it be a tan suit?", "Can I wear a 4-button suit?" or statements like, "I'm interviewing for a marketing position so I can wear any suit I want". A month later they are more willing to take our advice.

While the standards of each work place differ and what you are expected to wear in a job function will change from job to job, choose one of these to be most effective:

  • Solid Navy Blue Suit
  • Solid Charcoal Grey Suit
  • Navy Pinstripe Suit
  • Charcoal Pinstripe Suit
  • Let's review the goal of the interview suit - to get the job - period. You might not wear this suit again (although you probably will), you don't have to love the suit. Ensure success and wear it to your interview anyhow! 2-button is more conservative, 3-button more fashionable. Either will do.

    Why does this suit need to stay so basic? When you are interviewing your goal is to be heard and be accepted as competent in your field. Any other suit will detract from you or your message. You don't want your interviewer staring at that high fashion, cutting edge suit, you want the interviewer focusing on you and what you have to say. Buy the best suit you can afford - nothing enhances the quality of your words, your presence, and your authority like the image you present before you start speaking. A Salvation Army suit doesn't say proficient like a fresh, properly fitted suit.
    The blue suits are warmer and will present you as friendlier; the grey suits as more professional.

    Lastly, don't forget a trenchcoat for your job interview wardrobe. Imagine getting dressed in the morning and realizing you have no protection against the rainstorm that just started - and arriving at your appointment a tad damp (or much worse). Trenchcoats are an excellent and versatile investment.